G4SHI enjoys the success he’s earned in his “Disrespectful” video


It’s a good time to be G4SHI, and his new video for “Disrespectful” doesn’t shy away from that the fact. The Brooklyn-based rapper embraces his rapidly changing life, traveling from city to city and performing in front of increasingly large crowds. Golden sinks, luxurious hotel rooms, and vintage cars are among the added benefits we see. G4SHI’s parents are from Kosovo, and he was born in Libya. That being said, he¬†was raised in Brooklyn, which is where he’s settled in to turn his hip-hop dreams into a career. He’s already worked with the likes of Nipsey Hussle, French Montana, Travis Scott, Migos, and DJ Snake.

Watch the video for “Disrespectful” below, and cop tickets for G4SHI’s ongoing tour here.