Anik Khan sings from the heart on “Kites”


After a great deal of anticipation, the title track to Anik Khan’s forthcoming Kites project has arrived. The mellow record is produced by Jarreau Vandal, Raj Makhija, and Anik himself. Anik is primarily an emcee, but he flexes his vocal prowess this time around.

Anik told Beats 1 Radio: “‘Kites’ is about having an aerial perspective and realizing what’s important to me,” he continues. “And understanding that regardless if I stay afloat or if I fall—kites just don’t fall, they fall to grace. What’s important is the people steering. It’s basically about who’s important to me and that’s my loved ones. And those are the ones steering and keeping me up. Or if I’m falling, they’re the ones catching me so I can go up again.”

Stream “Kites” below, and check out the tracklist, production credits, and guest features afterwards.

Kites tracklist:

1. Cleopatra (prod. Melo-X & Anik Khan)
2. Tides (prod. aywy, Raj Makhija & Anik Khan)
3. Habibi (prod. aywy & Anik Khan)
4. Mango Nectar (prod. aywy, Don Knock, Raj Makhija, & Anik Khan)
5. Brent’s Interlude (prod. Raj Makhija & Anik Khan)
6. Kites (prod. Jarreau Vandal, Raj Makhija, & Anik Khan)
7. Tangerine f/Yonkwi (prod. Yonkwi & Anik Khan)
8. Don’t Behave (prod. Branko & Anik Khan)
9. Sunlight f/Luna (prod. Jarreau Vandal & Anik Khan)
10. Columbus (prod. See.Francis & Anik Khan)