A.CHAL delivers a scenic video for his ethereal single, “The Light”

The Light

A.CHAL‘s “To The Light” is an incredibly expressive song, all by itself. The etheral, floating single is now accompanied by beautiful visuals.

A.CHAL explained to Pigeons&Planes: “Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, and so on, have all wandered the desert for answers. In this visual we chose the desert, as it symbolically represents where I’m at. Though I have support from others and not alone in my journey as an artist. I still constantly face the challenge of not getting in my own way. As I try to remain focused on the positive and not allow the negative to dim my light. The desert effortlessly portrays that to me, where there is no distraction but you and your own thoughts. I’m also a fan of older rock videos from artist like Guns & Roses and Red Hot Chili Peppers. And wanted to create a visual that I felt can carry the tradition & legacy of those.”

Watch the RJ Sanchez-directed video for “To The Light” below.