Kemba gives us a dark, ominous perspective of “Greed” (Video)


“You would think we drug lords if you watched CNN. Where the hood get the drugs from? Please remind me again.”

Bronx native Kemba is currently on tour, and has already gotten a Kendrick Lamar cosign. However, the most important thing to discuss today is the music. Specifically, Kemba’s dark, ominous video for “Greed,” a hypnotizing single full of dramatic special effects that only serve to add to the weight of the cinematic single.

Kemba told NPR: “I wanted to capture the energy of desperation, particularly how it feels for me, people like me and my homies. You see people that have an abundance in general, money and all the nice things. How much of that do you need? How much is that going to make you happy while we’re starving?”

Watch the video for “Greed” below.