Brian Brown supports the fight for equality on “Cycle”


In the era of molly, percocet, mumble bars and colored dreadlocks, it’s easy to get lost in the frivolous fun of what rap has evolved into today. Now that’s no shots to any rapper, kinda, but it’s always refreshing when artists take the time to talk about issues affecting our community. A representative of Nashville and alumnus of The Mix Crew‘s #TheTwitterMixtape series, Brian Brown has served up “Cycle” for our enjoyment. Producer Ron Shaw provides a wispy bounce that serves as the perfect backdrop for Brian’s medicinal bars.

He states, “I really just wanted to tell a story and convey the point that I’m with anybody fighting the good fight for equality.” Additionally, he points out our affinity as a society to “get mad for a second, then we’re silent after that.” I agree that our anger has to motivate us to not only initiate change, but stay the course. Brian is currently crafting Journey, his follow-up to his 2014 project 7:22 EP. The project is tentatively slated just in time for a summertime or early fall release.

Stream “Cycle” below.