Check out a lost verse from Kendrick Lamar’s “Pride”


It’s safe to say that Kendrick Lamar’s Damn album has been a dominant topic on social media and elsewhere since its release last night. Punch, the co-president of TDE, shared an gem with us via Instagram amidst all the commotion.

Specifically, he gave us a lost verse from “Pride,” the seventh track from the album. The verse is written haphazardly in red ink, on yellow notebook paper. Take a look below for yourself.

“Pride is my biggest sin
I tride to fight it but I never win
Layin’ myself down in the beds I made
Karma is always knockin’ with capital K’s
It started when I was tossin’ my life in the sand (?)
Crossin’ the street, momma don’t you hold my hand
Time revealing itself my ways are magnified
Same patterns requiring that I never camouflage​
Looking at me in shock you found my identity
Asking yourself do I have room 4 empathy.”