Cousin Stizz drops “Headlock” with Offset, announces ‘One Night Only’ debut


Following up on the success of his Suffolk County mixtape in 2015 and his Monda EP in 2016, Boston lyricist Cousin Stizz has just announced his next project – “One Night Only.” If that didn’t excite fans enough, he joined forces with Offset and paired the breaking news with the project’s lead single, “Headlock” – all live on Beats 1 Radio with Zane Lowe himself.

Produced by Vinylz, “Headlock” is an addictive record utilizing the hottest production sound out right now, a muted-flute background. While most artists outside of Drake, Kodak Black and Future attempt and fail at making this sound work naturally, this track succeeds and simultaneously raises the bar for anyone interested in following. Stizz delivers a clean, consistently majestic flow throughout as Offset lays down a few words and completes the circle with his idiosyncratic adlibs.

Stream “Headlock” below.

One Night Only is due out May 12, via RCA Records and will be the first project Stizz hasn’t self-released. With a powerhouse like RCA backing him and a solid team of people who have been there with him from the beginning, Cousin Stizz’s popularity levels are about to skyrocket in 2017. Watch the “One Night Only” trailer below and hop on board the Stizz wagon now.

PERSONAL INPUT: I’m 30 years old. I was born in 1986 and I’m stubborn as shit about my hip-hop. Funny thing about Cousin Stizz: he opened my close-minded ears up to a sub-genre that I previously despised with a passion. Future, Young Thug, Migos, none of these artists were “for me.” I didn’t hate them. I understood and respected them for what they contributed to the culture, I just didn’t enjoy ’em. I was skeptical to listen to Stizz in the beginning because I knew what category he fell into. I then asked myself “why the hell am I putting this dude I’ve never even heard into a box?” It’s judgmental and carries no weight. It’s tough, but do your best to realize when you’re thinking this way because your world will expand at an exponential rate when you aren’t solely confined inside your norm.

A heavy advocate for the Golden Era, conscious artists and songs of substance – I never really understood what people got out of this kinda music. Ok, it makes you want to party and turn up, but what else? I know thousands of songs, meaningful songs, that fit this description but for some reason these were never gravitated to over today’s new school stuff.

When I finally heard Stizz, I understood. I understood why these new artists are praised, why their followings are so massive and why they are so comfortable being themselves. It really isn’t that deep, but I was so against it for so long that when it hit me, it was like an awakening to info I already knew but didn’t abide by. Some music just makes you feel good, and that feeling doesn’t require an explanation. Fans want to be a part of something organic, not forced or faked. Stizz, and his movement, is this.

Any music that makes people feel good should never be discredited, made fun of, or judged. Have your personal opinion, yes – but who cares what makes that person over there smile, just let them smile. “Suffolk County”, “Monda”, and everything else to come Cousin Stizz will get my cosign. I’ve had “No Bells”, “Where I Came From”, “Bonds” and a bunch of Stizz’s others on repeat for months (and years) now. Shoot, I even know like 90% of the words to “500 Horses”, “Gain Green” and “Fresh Prince”. Stizz changed my whole playlist game, and I appreciate it.

Give something new a chance, step outside your box and live a little. You won’t regret it.