Cehryl battles with her thoughts on “Tango For One”

tango for one

“Tango For One” is Cehryl‘s latest, and it showcases the chemistry between her poetic lyricism and warm, original instrumentation. Coming off of a strong 2016, The Hong Kong-to-Boston artist has only teased us with singles this year. Regardless, we are left with no complaints. Her singles are multi-dimensionally dense and each read like an excerpt out of her life story.

The battle inside Cehryl’s head is painted as a raging sea in the first stanza. As she juggles her opposing thoughts, her guitar is a calming guide. But, the poetry at hand is the spotlight of this new single.  She personifies her introspective oppositions, stumbles across apathy, and puts up a wall of obscurity to wrap up her thoughts. “I guess it’s for the best” leaves me as uncomfortable as she feels with the situation. It’s a lingering and powerful last line of her chorus (and song).

Listen to “Tango For One” below, and check out her 2016 releases at Bandcamp.