Toulouse refuses to give in to circumstance on “It Is Well”


Toulouse is a very heartfelt artist – from his vocals, to the messages that he seeks to convey. His grandiose new release, “It Is Well,” conveys more that can be absorbed with one listen. Suffice it to say that the New York City creative has created another gem for the people.

In regards to the song, Toulouse explained: “I once tweeted to my 6 twitter followers to ‘find a song that makes you cry.’ An old hymn called ‘It Is Well’ did that to me, so I echoed with my response if the same name. It’s a defiantly solemn, quietly resolute way of promising myself that I wont loose hope in the face of catastrophe. As much as there is reason to worry in the world, everyday a new sensational and overwhelming news item, people everywhere still quietly push through, sometimes fueled only by survival. It’s not glamorous, nor is it simple, but I applaud that. As many flaws as we have in the human condition, we also have a stubborn will to continue; to keep moving. ‘It Is Well’ is the fuel keg I keep in the back for the moments when I am drained by the journey because I also have to keep moving.”

Stream “It Is Well” below.