Soft Glas brings in spring with “40 In April”

40 in april

While Late Bloom felt like the perfect winter album, Soft Glas‘s newest single, “40 In April,” welcomes us into spring. His new track is a harmony of many sounds inspired by the galloping bassline of The Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down.” The guitars throughout the track are my favorite. The first one strikes a laid-back reggae vibe from the start, but the following lead guitars create a mysticism with the assist of harmonies to bring this track full circle. But what makes this is a Soft Glas track is not just the guitars, but the attention to details in each layer. The jazzy keys are soft, but moody and tranquil. The percussion isn’t punching your ears and feels more like a skip in the park.

If I was in a listicle mood, I’d lay out the top albums of 2016 that needed more praise just to put Soft Glas’s Late Bloom album at the top. Riddled with lovely guest vocals, soothing instruments, bubbly percussion and experimental technicalities, it was an electronic and ambient masterpiece. At twelve tracks, it was a soft bed of comforting sounds and a rollercoaster of exciting production at the same time.

For just a “little loosey,” as he describes, it makes me really excited for his upcoming album, Orange Earth. For now, enjoy “40 In April” and Late Bloom if you’re late to the party.