Francis Novotny comes in with a booming single “Between The Lines”

Francis Novotny

The SoundCloud dig feels like an art form when you really find a gem. That’s the case with London’s Francis Novotny. The mystery behind such talent is always intriguing and familiar to the likes of Jai Paul. While he left with a mysterious bang, Francis Novotny came in with a boom on his newest single “Between The Lines.”

His third single is an electronic orchestra of colorful production and powerful vocals. The powerful range of his voice assists the groovy-yet-passionate instrumentals. Francis is able to work with an open space, as well as control the spotlight alongside the earthquaking chords.

While I am blown away by his production work on this single, it’s the weakest out of his three songs. That’s not to take anything away from “Between The Lines,” because it’s probably his strongest vocal performance. But the wavering chords and whipping percussion on “Hit N Run” is the best experimental pop production I’ve heard in 2017 and the lead synths and neck-snapping progressions in “Run Away” are creative and amazing.

Listen to Francis Novotny’s “Between The Lines” and his other two songs below. Unfortunately, I missed him Miami last week, but he’s back at home in London and hopefully readying something full for us.