Ivan Ave gets back to what matters the most on “Young Eye” (Video)

Young Eye

We’re born a blank canvas and hopefully surrounded by good painters. That is the basic premise of Ivan Ave‘s newly released track, “Young Eye. ”

“Between doomsday and a day job,” and putting “blue ink on yellow paper, tryna make it green,” something happens to our perception of what is important in our day to day. Ivan rhymes, “a child’s eye is freedom, it’s not clouded with the fear of seeing,” which seems abstract; but if you are around children you know they say exactly what’s on their mind. Their filter hasn’t been set up yet. The same filters that, as days pass by, increasingly vie for our attention to either discard or wear them. The hundred status’ we read a day, the coded language your passive aggressive co-workers use and on and on.

Keep a young eye…word to young Ivan. Watch theĀ Mndsgnproduced cut below.