The Highlight Reel #064: Forget About The Rest

forget about the rest

This is the 64th edition of The Highlight Reel, your biweekly playlist full of the best new releases. For the culture, always. I’ll always think of the number 64 in regards to grade school. 64% was borderline between passing and failing a class. Every once in a while, I got a little bit too familiar with the necessity of getting that 65%. We all go through it.

Thankfully, I’m done with grade school and have safely moved into the realm of quarter life crises and financial worries. This playlist is designed to make you forget about everything that’s currently stressing you, though. It’s 31 tracks deep and covers everything from radio-ready anthemic hip-hop to experimental electronic sounds to sweet, soulful bliss. So Forget About The Rest of what’s on your mind, press play, and vibe out one time.

Stream the latest edition of The Highlight Reel, Forget About The Rest, below. Shout out to the homie 9thSage for the beautiful photography, as always.