Premiere: JSMN releases debut EP ‘A Very Sad Happy Birthday’


“Getting older is weird. I hate it. Every birthday I feel sad. Like I haven’t accomplished enough at the age I’m at. It’s happy because you have another day. You have another chance to turn it around.”


Who is JSMN?

JSMN is a 21-year old STL femcee spinning a web of pretty, poetic rap. Her flow relies heavily on imagery, alliteration and a novel play on words. After local success with her song “Payphone” (over the Coffee instrumental by Medasin x Masego), she has continued to drop quality singles on her SoundCloud, collaborating with upcoming producers contrasting between a cute, pretty upbeat sound with mellow, Odd Future-esque sad-girl instrumentals.

JSMN is known in St. Louis for her creative and killer aesthetic quality music videos. She collaborates with local aspiring film and music video producers Midzy & Remrod to create some of the best visuals in the area. “Payphone” (twitter), “Llamas” (twitter), and “david” (twitter) are all standouts and have helped her attract a fanbase across the Midwest.

What does this EP sound like? What am I getting myself into?

Imagine you ate mad edibles in Missouri and you met a crew of aliens that worked in a record store in outer space. These aliens really wanted you to come through—like to Mars. So you and your people slide to Mars real quick to fuck with your new mans (the aliens) on Mars. It was a cool time; you found out that Mars is high-key lit, you had a few drinks you’ve never had before, but you also found out chicks on Mars can rap. Like, rap. Then, one of the rapping alien chicks you met, walks up to you, daps you up and asks:

“You know the plug?”

You look at her like, “you know I’m from Earth, right?” She pulls out her phone and shoots you a payment in Venmo for “gas money.” You guys take the 225 million kilometer trip from Mars to Earth (all to find the plug) and the whole way back, she takes the aux cord.

Welcome to A Very Sad Happy Birthday.

This shit is smooth AF! Who produced this?

All 17 minutes of the EP are executively produced by Kansas City-based producer named namesake. who worked with JSMN to create a unique sound just for this project. namesake. is an intriguing figure. In a world where so many producers are fighting for recognition in competition to the works they create, namesake. produces sounds that introduce themselves, then introduce the featured artist, and then introduce him.

Throughout the EP, namesake. creates a vibe that sounds comparable to the way sparkling water would sound if it wasn’t a drink; light, ethereal and refreshing while still bubbly and crisp. No matter how sad the lyrics may be, namesake. keeps things lit. JSMN “wakes up happy” in the last verse of the intro and is “jamming in her coffin” in the last line of the outro. At the intersection of Kaytranada, Sango and Monte Booker is where you meet the namesake. sound.

Okay, so I dig the tracks! What can I do to support her?

Follow JSMN and namesake. across all of their platforms:

Twitter: @jsmnszn / @itsnamesake

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Soundcloud: @jsmn / @itsnamesake