Oddisee hits PG County for his “NNGE” video


It’s only right that Oddisee and Toine saw fit to shoot their video for “NNGE” in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The go-go drums and D.C. influence are inescapable on this record.

Oddisee told TIME: “As a minority in America, I’m used to adversity. I’m used to invisible walls and obstacles. That’s one thing that I really appreciate about the black American community: its resilience. No matter what is thrown at it, we will never settle and not get what we’re after.

It’s a lot of references musically and visually to the place that birthed us and raised us,” Oddisee continued. “It’s also the home of our nation’s capital, the home of our politics. So the lyrics tackle the political climate in Washington D.C. right now and the rest of the country, and the instrumentation is an ode to the local music that comes from that same city.”

Watch the video for “NNGE” below, and purchase The Iceberg via iTunes.