Siimba Liives Long puts “Miind Over Matter” with his new single

mind over matter

Siimba Liives Long can always be counted on to release emotionally-charged tracks with perfect timing. As human beings around the world continue to unite in the midst of constant chaos and provocation, “Miind Over Matter” proves that music can still be a catalyst for evoking change – both literally and figuratively.

Siimba Liives Long is an Ethiopian-American artist who was born in New York, resides in Brooklyn, and grew up in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Produced by Brandowitsch, “Miind Over Matter” acts as the fourth installment of Siimba’s “Zemenays Gemiinii” series. Take a listen and feel the lyrics as they calmingly embed into your soul.

I first discovered Siimba Liives Long when he released “Cocaine Bimbie” back in 2015, and was immediately hooked. If artists got a penny for every Spotify stream, I would have easily given Siimba over $100 personally for this song alone. In September of 2016, he dropped “W.I.A.,” and the wave has only continued to grow. He’s flown relatively under the radar for the past 6 months or so, but not from lack of work – the buzz he built for himself propelled him to execute multiple nationwide tours.

Siimba is a full bodied lyricist, but his character is something I have always admired more than anything. He carries himself proudly and with confidence, but still knows how to be real and communicate on a human level. That doesn’t sound like something that would typically be an outstanding quality, but I appreciate the honesty and vulnerability so much in today”s world of self-infatuated, over-diluted thirst for fame and popularity. He’s not on a high-speed chase for instant success, he’s simply telling his story and inviting us along for the ride. He knows the success will come naturally. A lot of artists tend to force their growth and end up actually stunting it, Siimba is 100% organic. He’s a rare Pokemon.

Siimba Liives Long is only in the first chapter of his story. Get hip now or be forced into the “bandwagon fan” role later. I’ll be working on a full, in-depth look at the artist known as Siimba Liives Long soon so if you like what you hear – give him a follow, share a few of his tracks and spread the word.