Morgue floats over ethereal production on “Limelight”


SoundCloud is a beautiful place, once you look around the flaws it carries due to the music industry. There’s so many artists on there that make you wonder whether you’re early or late to their party.

Morgue is a singer from Phoenix and a prime example of one of these talents. I had not heard of her until a repost alley-ooped onto my feed yesterday, but apparently more than twenty thousand people were already in the in (and it hadn’t even been a day).

This song, “Limelight,” is every bit of deserving of the traffic and praise that the comments displayed. Morgue has a soulful voice that clings on and floats around the ethereal production. Her direction is poetic as she begins to turn a new chapter in her life and embrace the limelight.

This isn’t executed perfectly without the help of producer Xauve, who meshes a spiraling sample with dashes of Morgue’s chopped vocals. The blend of infectious vocals and spacey atmosphere make for a perfect introduction to the Phoenix singer.

Listen to “Limelight” below, and be on the lookout for her EP in April.