Kidepo shines soulfully on “Water”


“Boundless love is where the water is”

It’s been roughly two years since his last single release, but Kidepo is back today with “Water.” There are levels to this one. Aside from the Brooklyn singer’s impressive, soulful vocals and songwriting, the song is made whole by the layered production and reverberating samples.

Kidepo explains to Pigeons & Planes, “Water” is an odd one. When I started writing it, I was 21, in University, and only bothered to finish it to have something to play at a friend’s open mic. It’s been hovering over me for a while and I realized I was onto something (even though I didn’t know what at the time). It’s a melodramatic ode to being young and directionless. It’s aspirational in a way I’m typically not, but I think that must have been what I needed to hear. I still do need to hear that sometimes, and I hope that counts for something.”

Stream “Water” below.