Dante Leon pleads for love on “Desperately”


Toronto’s Dante Leon is clear about what he craves on “Desperately.” His sweet, endearing serenade hits a chord straight to the soul and will have you feeling the love as soon as you hit play.

“I need you like skin on my bones, baby / I need you like like the lid on my eyes to cover the sun / I need you like air in my lungs / The list goes on and on and on and on,” he sings. This smooth acoustic ballad gets deep. The crisp songwriting and true vocals will do you in and have you playing this one from end to end multiple times.

“The song was written collectively with a few friends in LA,” Dante Leon told Noisey. “We initially intended to shop this for a placement with a major artist but I was so attached to the song personally. I decided to work on it some more and release it by myself.”

Stream “Desperately” below.