Peyton sings of lost love on “My Flame”

My Flame

Houston singer Peyton‘s last album, Peace in the Midst of a Storm sound has been resonating since November. It’s spacey, experimental and demonstrating of Peyton’s versatile voice over such genre-blending production. “My Flame” is the first single since the Milky Wayv collective member’s album.

The song is smooth and soulful, tackling the subject of lost love and is a cover of a Bobby Caldwell song of the same name. Peyton sings about someone she cares for deeply, despite the apparent lack of reciprocity. Bobby Earth compliments her soothing vocals with a groovy, minimal backdrop. The guitar, played by Oscar Santander, and keys are a soulful marriage to accompany a melancholic love letter.

Listen to “My Flame” below and grab a free download over at her Bandcamp.

Additionally, stream Peace in the Midst of a Storm if you haven’t yet.