Melanie Rosé projects vintage soul and R&B on ‘Moonlight EP’

Melanie Rose

Chicago singer meets Germany producer through the power of the World Wide Web on this new collaborative EP called Moonlight. Melanie Rosé teams up with Bassti for a less-than-ten-minute dedication to her baby brother and best friends.

The five track project finds Melanie floating through with a soulful stride and ethereal presence over Bassti’s nostalgic, hissing production. She sings about self-reflection and relationship struggles in five different phases, but the cohesion of the EP allows the poetry to blend into a full story.

Moonlight is a small window into Melanie’s emotions and her strong presence over the swinging drums are a magnifying glass for them. These vignettes are very telling of her character, and the contrasts that define it. “Green Screen” portrays her big dreams, but these dreams are not accomplished alone or selfishly.

The chemistry between the two artists on this EP is incredible, given their respective locations and niches. Bassti provides emotion-evoking production, and is able to incorporate boom-bap drums to carry the swing and harmonies of Melanie. On the other hand, Melanie is able to take these loops and accentuate the repetition of her poetry.

Stream the Moonlight EP below or head over to Bassti’s Bandcamp to purchase a digital copy.