Young Soul confronts his demons on his ‘C.L.U.E.’ EP


If you’re looking for melodic hip-hop with intricate choruses, move around. If you’re looking for great storytelling and great flow, then pull up a chair. Young Soul gives us a look into his life, his grind and his struggles on his C.L.U.E. EP.

Young Soul peels back the layers of his psyche and channels his pain into the music. While he spits with aggression, it’s highly emotive and vulnerable. Soul still manages to keep the raw, gritty feel of the music throughout the EP. The production is fairly simple which allows his storytelling skills to take center stage.

Soul takes us on a journey through highly personal narratives over spirited instrumentals. While there are a couple of songs like “Slow It Down” and “College Girl” that are more up-tempo party-style songs, the lyricism isn’t lost. Songs like “Like Mama” and “Brothers” find us invited right in the midst of Soul’s conflicting family issues. He struggles to prioritize these relationships while trying to make his dreams come true. With the addition of songs like “No Hesitation” and “Uncomfortable,” he opens up on the grind and the struggles inherent in that.

More than anything, he makes sure to include his gratefulness through the various storms he faces. Ending the EP with “F.A.C.E.” and “Blessed” finds him somewhat hesitant, but also optimistic about his future. Standout features are fellow Tennessee emcees Kam Curry and Daisha McBride. Tennessee definitely has some talented emcees that you should be looking out for.

Stream C.L.U.E. below.