Is Future Dropping Another Album On Friday?

Don’t. You. Ever. Deny. King. Future.

A Good Morning.

Dawg, I am not playing with you. It was mad early in the morning as I was exiting the Future-Hive so I could go to my office. I started getting mad notifications, like when my mother tags me in a picture on Facebook. I tried to ignore the vibrations of my iPhone because I was driving and I was trying to be safe. My seat belt was buckled and all’at. I couldn’t help it though. It could’ve been somebody in my DM’s… but nah, it was better.

What was it?

Whispers became screams as I read the most beautiful scripture the bible had to offer: Future is releasing another album THIS Friday, according to Hits Daily Double. My g, Promethazine started dripping from the corners of my mouth and my heart started beating mad fast. Out of nowhere I noticed my car was just going faster by itself and I made it to work twenty minutes early.

Listen, if this is true, I’m suing everyone on Twitter who tried to play my mans like that lawsuit was about to hurt his pockets. On everything I love, your favorite rapper can’t drop two albums in one year let alone one week. I haven’t even been able to load the Draco while listening to Future’s self-titled album yet and he already blessing me with another drop.



Where there’s a will, there’s a Future.