Steve Lacy makes his fears sound bluesy on “Dark Red”

dark red

As the members of The Internet pursue solo projects, we’re starting to notice their individual talent even more. The newest addition to the group, Steve Lacy, is gearing up for a new song series called Steve Lacy’s Demo. The first single from the series, “Dark Red,” is a modest soundtrack that highlights the insecurities that many of us feel.

The 18-year old is both a guitarist and a vocalist for The Internet. In “Dark Red,” he showcases both of these talents. The instrumental is minimalist in its structure, mainly consisting of simple percussion and Steve’s dynamic guitar licks. He sings about being paranoid that the lady he has an interest in is going to leave him. “What if she’s fine, it’s my mind that’s wrong.” Both his voice and his guitar compliment each other’s soulfulness in a way that elevates the lovelorn track.

Stream “Dark Red” below.