Denzel Himself captivates with the unorthodoxy of “Thrasher” (Video)

denzel himself

I’ll never forget where I was when I first watched Earl Sweatshirt’s video for “EARL.” I was in my freshman year at UNC Charlotte where I was summoned to my friend’s dorm to watch iy. It’s safe to say I left the room in awe because of the video’s shock value, and from seeing that Earl could rap.

Fast forward to today where I’m scouring the depths of the internet for new music and I come across a link for Denzel Himself’s video for “Thrasher.” “Thrasher” isn’t really similar to Earl’s video, but the lo-fi instrumental and Denzel’s brash bravado trigged instant nostalgia. If the song  sounds familiar to you, that’s because it was released on a project by Denzel back in 2015 entitled Pleasure. Outside of 3 tracks on his Soundcloud and some tracks scattered across the internet Denzel doesn’t have any recent new music. Let’s hope the release of his visuals for “Thrasher” will change that.

Watch Denzel Himself’s video for “Thrasher” below.