18 year old Virginia rapper KuKu Kelz has a jam with “Do My Dance”

Kuku Kelz

The Discovery

I arrived at my office with no intent of doing any work. I sent a few emails so everyone knew I was present but each message was extremely brief so I can avoid being asked to do anything. It was quiet, paperwork was stacked, and I decided to do what any adult would: get on Twitter. I scrolled my timeline and read a few tweets about drinking water, a few people discussing Trump needing to be impeached, and then I saw a link to a music video called “Do My Dance.” As you know, I try my best to dodge the pressure of being a writer but for whatever the reason may be, I clicked the link.

“Do My Dance”

The eighteen year old artist, KuKu Kelz, first caught my attention because of his professionalism in his record. As a fan of trap music, I am used to hearing indie artist with poor quality or missing the “look.” With the perfect auto-tune pitch and catchy verses + hook, I was instantly addicted. Actually, I may have watched the video 56 times since this morning. I hope you feel the same.

Watch the “Do My Dance” video below.