Big Sean inspires your inner underdog with ‘I Decided.’ (Review)

Review: Big Sean - 'I Decided.'

What can be said about Big Sean that hasn’t already been said by the man himself? The rapper whose flow was described by Don Cheadle as being like “jazz syncopation” has returned with the follow up to his breakthrough Dark Sky Paradise album.

For anyone who may have been following Big Sean since the Finally Famous vol. 1-3 era, it’s been a rocky road. Over those years, you may have found yourself having countless debates with Hip-Hop purists, mumble-rap stans, and everyone in between about Sean’s legitimacy as an artist.

I Decided seems to pick up right where Sean left us, ensuring that his stock continues to climb and that he doesn’t go forgotten after recovering from his “Sophomore Slump.” This album is not completely devoid of “bangers,” but it’s clear that this album was much more about self expression.


Sean has grown. He is exhibiting a lot more of the inspired motivational “on my grind” rap that garnered him a cult following as a young G.O.O.D Music signee; “Light” and “Sunday Morning Jetpack” are arguably the best examples.

Young Metro entrusted B.i.g Sean Don with that work for what will be the #1 2017 grind anthem, “Bounce Back.” The only other song on I Decided. that would appease the tastes of a young flashy millennial working on their come up is “Moves.”

On quite a few songs, I Decided. provides us with honest introspective relationship thoughts, something that Big Sean has certainly found a niche in through collaboration with Twenty88 partner Jhene Aiko. On “Jump Out The Window” and “Owe Me,” Sean examines his relationship or lack thereof with the one that may or may not have gotten away and how being “finally famous” has affected that.

Much like his peers, there is a clear maturity in the way that Sean is talking about love, fame, and relationships. With albums like this and J. Cole’s recent effort, we are provided with more than just the “make it rain” young and wild lifestyle that’s been overpopulating the hip-hop ecosphere in past years.

Overall, I Decided is a refreshing listen for new listeners and longtime fans alike. Listen below.