Take a trip to a California desert with Vinny Virgo in the “Alexus” video


Watch Vinny Virgo’s “Alexus” music video

L.A. via Florida rapper, Vinny Virgo, goes on a wild ride in his official “Alexus” music video. He heads out to a sunny California desert on a “trip” with a teddy bear, mistress, and a gorilla.

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Vinny tells us, “My dad used to have ‘a Lexus’ when i was about 5 years old, so that’s where the reference of that comes in. ‘Alexus’ just happens to be a female [that] I’m telling a story of me having [a] wild experience with. [I’m] not actually saying that [I] currently drive a Lexus vehicle. I’m explaining 2 different but similar times of my life using the car brand name my dad used to have at 5 and a girls name at 25.”

Watch the Justin Butts & Hydreams-directed video below.