Migos releases the studio version of “Dab of Ranch”

Dab of Ranch

A few months ago, footage of Migos in the studio working on a jingle for their new rap snacks, “Dab of Ranch,” surfaced. In the video, Takeoff introduces the snacks then Quavo steals the spotlight and starts rapping with extreme enthusiasm. Even though I thought it would never be a real song, I was wrong. Now, they’ve released the full “Dab of Ranch” song and it’s as funny as you would imagine.

In the track that’s just over 3 minutes, we first hear Takeoff introducing the snacks. Then, Quavo urges us to eschew all other snacks because they can’t possibly satiate your hunger like their snacks. Last, Offset explains in great detail the complex flavors you can expect when you pop open a bag. I can taste them now.

Stream “Dab of Ranch” below.