When Father sees you, it’s “Hands” on sight


I don’t know about you, but the last year has brought some ugliness out of me. Whether it be the election of [redacted] as president or people just trying me, the tests have come. While I’m mostly zen now thanks to meditation, yoga, and affirmations, I’m still a black man from East New York. Rapper and founder of Awful Records, Father, released a track that narrates who I used to be called “Hands.”

The track features bouncy production by meltycanon which contrasts greatly to the more savage nature of the song. The hook is a repetition of Father telling you that when he sees you, it’s “hands on sight.” The tranquil side of me isn’t about this life, but the gully part is milly rocking hard as hell. Instead of indulging, I’ll just live vicariously through Father. Stream “Hands” below.