Hip-Hop Campaign Speech: Kaytranada

Hip-Hop Campaign Speech: Kaytranada

You could easily say that 2016 was one of the best years for hip-hop in recent memory, but who had the BEST year? The contributors at Artistic Manifesto submitted their pick of which artist had the biggest 2016, and wrote a speech from that artist’s perspective. Now it’s up to you, the reader, to decide who should be the 2016’s President of Hip-Hop.

Even though 2016 was a circus, I would like to bring in 2017 with a fresh outlook. My name is Louis Kevin Celestin, but you know me better as Kaytranada, (formerly Kaytradamus) and your next Hip-Hop President. Through my dedication to production, my precise execution provides not only my enjoyment of hip-hop, soul, R&B beats, but you can see my passion in the creation of the music.

I released my first album, 99.9%, and gave you fluid collaborations with Anderson .Paak on “Glowed Up”, to laidback bangers like “Drive Me Crazy” featuring Vic Mensa. I’m a music creator of the people, and I put on for the independent grinders who take the offbeat approach.

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You may have heard my name in conversation (unlike Sway), but I’ve given that Montreal beat scene its second wind. When I released my singles and song reworks on Soundcloud, I gave you a library of inspiration, all while exhibiting my quality and taste for the groove. Being able to work alongside other artists on the come up like GoldLink and Chance the Rapper, and veterans like Yasiin Bey, is exactly what wakes me up everyday and keeps me working hard for you, the listener.


As Hip-Hop President for 2016, I’ll continue to keep providing lush production and bringing you the creative hip-hop sound you’ve grown accustomed to. I have had an impact on the progressive sound of hip-hop like most of my fellow artists, and this can’t be denied! I’ve given you groovy dance tracks, and continued my versatility in working with neo-soul comers like The Internet for their first single, “Girl“.

My advantage over my competition is that I will create a lane where listeners from any background can enjoy the style and groove of the beats. My track record shows advocacy and dedication for the sound.

Vote Kaytranada!

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