Bangladesh native Anik Khan addresses the immigrant ban with “Columbus”


“We showed you the world, and this was your thanks?”

It’s shaping up to be a pretty bad stretch for immigrants of middle eastern descent in America, but Queens emcee and Bangladesh native Anik Khan takes control of the narrative with a new release called “Columbus.”
This record had been on layaway for a while, but Khan decided to drop it today in the wake of the recent executive order by Trump barring travel from certain countries.

The song has a degree of angst and anger that’s completely understandable, given the way the United States is reacting to unfounded rears. The song ends with spoken word poetry in Bengali. Anik has all of the elements needed to make a powerful statement. Anik explained in an interview, “the world is beautiful, and I wanted to share what some other parts of it have to offer.”

Stream “Columbus” below.