Solange speaks on her album, black art, activism and self-care at Yale


Yale University has been having a four-day conference that started on January 25th, called “Blackstar Rising and The Purple Reign: Celebrating the Legacies of David Bowie and Prince“. It explores the impact that David Bowie and Prince have had on pop culture and music.

On January 26th, they had an event called “‘Everybody Still Wants to Fly:’ Activism in Pop from Prince to Solange”. In the roundtable discussion, Solange spoke with Daphne A. Brooks, the professor of African-American studies and Theater Studies, about everything from her album’s creative process to black activism.

“‘Everybody Still Wants to Fly:’ Activism in Pop from Prince to Solange is a discussion of cinematic Prince in concert, and the artist’s socio-political activism. The event is part of a four-day conference celebrating the work of David Bowie and Prince, Blackstar Rising & The Purple Reign. This conference explores the careers of two singular musicians who changed the face of popular music culture in the second half of the twentieth century. Bringing together scholars, musicians, filmmakers, artists, journalists, and students for discussion, critical listening, and musical performance, this event examines the pathbreaking innovations of these two remarkable musicians, and explores the legacies of two artists who recognized the ways that popular music can create liberating spaces where audacious cultural and social changes and transformations might flourish.”

Listen to the interview below.