Bounce to the soulful sounds of The Fifth Estate’s “EfYooSiKay” (Premiere)


“Let me pause the positivity for a second. Let me breathe. Let me find my balance. Let me find peace inside my palace.”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from The Fifth Estate, but the soulful emcee from Texas gets heads nodding once more with the release of “EfYooSiKay.” Fifth has a generally laid back vibe, and that doesn’t change with that release. That being said, he has a few things to get off of his chest.

The song’s title is a cleverly disguised way of airing out a few of his frustrations. This is one of the most personal songs that we’ve heard from Fifth up to this point.

He explained: “While I was gone in Guam, I got heavy into new music and ended up writing and recording this over MNDSGN’s Eko. I was dealing with a lot of the pressures associated with being gone and away from my support structure while also having new enemies emerge against me. I found myself in my writing and music and got my head straight through this song.

It’s definitely the most personal song that I’ve released, to date. It’s about taking action against the things (or people) in life that come against you and try to break you down. Enough is enough.”

Stream “EfYooSiKay” below.