Watch dvsn’s ‘The Choir’ short film


The back end of 2016 has OVO’s dvsn dropping many visual pieces to bolster and re-imagine the SEPT. 5TH debut album. We recently got a joint video for “With Me” and “Do It Well,” but now the album gets a more comprehensive accompaniment.

dvsn drops a dramatic short film titled The Choir. Executive produced by Dais and directed by Randall Okita, this film takes us on a 9-minute ride full of pleasure, pain, and quick getaways. What else do you need for a well rounded cinematic effort?

With their recent visual releases, dvsn shows off a good bit of content marketing. They arent overly zealous and direct by showcasing the collectives actual memebers, which falls in line with their branding strategy, thus far. Yes, their have been live shows performed and photos will be shared, but the group manages to keep an air of exclusivity and mystery about them.

Their songs are well placed in the visuals. It lets fans revisit the music while dispalying imagery that isn’t typical of an everyday music video, but it also gives new listeners a taste of the sounds and invites them to look for more.