Listen to an hour long Quavo mix by Elz The DJ

quavo mix

Need some authentic Atlanta flavor to complete the holiday season? You’re in luck. Chicago’s very own Elz The DJ saw fit to make an hour long mix called Featuring Quavo. Yes, this mix is just what it sounds like it is.

Elz told The Fader: “2016 has been a big year for the Migos, whose ‘Bad & Boujee’ looks to be a major comeback hit. But Quavo made as much noise this year solo, stealing the show on a gang of tracks by artists from across the hip-hop world. Mainly focused on his 2016 output, this mix captures Quavo’s best features in 2016 including ‘Pick Up the Phone’ & ‘Key to the Streets,’ with no Migos tracks included.”

Stream Featuring Quavo below.