Sylvan Lacue pays homage to Gil Scott-Heron with “Televised”


Sylvan Lacue drew inspiration from Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” for his latest release, “Televised.” The Florida-based emcee allegedly has a new project in the works, and if this release is nay indication it’s going to be a project to watch for.

Sylvan told HNHH: “Making this song for me was all about challenging myself and the listener to think about the type of change we want in these times. Between the killings, riots, protests, and the presidency, I think were starting to seek healing and real change within our country and communities. But the variables are vast, including ourselves, and we have to be real with ourselves. Do you want a revolution? Is that what were on the brink of? Because if so, the revolution will never be televised, and we play a part in our need for change just as much as the powers that be.”

Stream “Televised” below.