22 year-old Albert Stanaj is ready to be an R&B great

In the middle of the night, when sleep is non existent, YouTube keeps me company as I move through different levels of nostalgia. I sometimes spend hours blasting through a slew of music videos and a few horrendous renditions of my favorite old school songs, and every once in a while I stumble onto something special, like Albert Stanaj.

I ran across his cover of K-Ci and JoJo’s “All My Life.” I hear a piano key, an inhale and the release of the most eargasmic tone one could ever hear. I shot out of bed and started to get hype (along with the cameraman). Who was this kid? The intonation and vibrato of his voice and his phrasing choice woke me up.

Albert Stanaj.

I told myself I’d only listen to him for five more minutes before heading back to bed. Five minutes turned into 30, 30 became 45, and before I knew it I was at my desk 60 minutes later, sleepily trying to find all of his work. I found covers of artists like Boys II Men, India Arie, and more. As I listened to his exquisite vocals I couldn’t help but be curious about where he came from, and what he’s planning.

Research revealed that he’s not just a talented vocalist, he’s already established some major connections. Albert has already been seen in pictures and videos with Drake, and has performed on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

Perusal of his Instagram shows him maneuvering comfortably in scenes with the likes of Drake, Russell Simmons, Jamie Foxx, Tyson Chandler, and more. He’s not starting from scratch at this point, and he already has an authentic fanbase due to his talent. The 22 year old has also been linked with Chris Brown and singing coach Stevie Mackey.

He is quickly turning heads with the backing of social media, and landed a record deal with Republic Records in early 2016. Most recently, he was introduced to the world on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, as he performed songs from his The Preview EP.

I have been a fan of Stanaj for the last three years. I’ve been musically obsessed with his song choices, and the 10 second video clips he posts on his Instagram. His voice makes you believe that talent can actually win. In an era where quick singles, catchy lyrics, and dance moves to match are most common, Stanaj brings a different feel.

In what people say is a fading genre, Albert Stanaj brings a fresh take of R&B with a degree of grit, soul and vibrato that may very well allow him to bridge the gap between current and prior generations to create some good, authentic R&B music.

Albert Stanaj is fresh, talented and has the vocal ability to have a long lasting musical career. Watch footage of him singing below, and pre-order his The Preview EP via iTunes.