The Highlight Reel #052: Fill In The Blanks

fill in the blanks

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with that realization comes the revelation that 2016 will be over before we know it. If you’re like me, Thanksgiving’s proximity is also a great motivator to go hard in the gym. Gotta make room for the ridiculous amount of food that will be consumed on Thanksgiving Day, not to mention the leftovers to be consumed for the two to four days after.

As the year draws to a conclusion, we’ll also be faced with an array of thoughts about the things we set out to accomplish this year, whether they ended up happening or not. It’s basically a huge opportunity to overthink about any and everything. Trust and believe, recent events this year have created even more question marks than normal. It’s up to us to take the time to fill in the blanks for ourselves as individuals.

Image by 9thSage. Stream the 52nd weekly edition of The Highlight Reel, Fill In The Blanks, below.