H.E.R. releases a seductive “Yeah I Said It” remix

Yeah I Said It

“All you gotta do is say yes, I ain’t worried ’bout a label. Going in like we ain’t got no time left, pick me up and put your dinner on the table.”

Social media mystery H.E.R. invites you to “pick her up” and “put your dinner on the table” in a soultry remix to Rihanna‘s “Yeah, I Said It” from her eighth studio album, Anti. As heard in her hit “Losing,” H.E.R. continues to weave elements of Floetry‘s “Say Yes” into her music, giving this track just the added “thing” it needs to stand out.

H.E.R.’s debut musical project, H.E.R. Music, Vol. 1 has received critical acclaim from fans and industry mavens alike. We hope this is just a sign of more music to follow. Listen to the fiery new track below.