Essnse pays homage to ATCQ with his “Beats, Rhymes & Phife” mix (Exclusive)

Beats, Rhymes & Phife

A Tribe Called Quest is dropping a new album on Friday. To say that a lot of people are excited would be an understatement. Our West Coast homie Essnse saw fit to pay homage to the group, and the late Phife Dawg especially, with an 83 minute ATCQ-influenced mix called “Beats, Rhymes & Phife.”

Essnse explained: “my first memories of hearing ATCQ was during the opening credits of The Wayans Bros. That was when I first heard the bassline of ‘Electric Relaxation.’ As I grew older I started to discover more and more records from Tribe. Their wordplay and musicality as a group was genius. Unfortunately we lost “The 5 Foot Assassin,” Phife Dawg, this past March, and it sucks that one of my favorite emcees is no longer with us. This the main reason behind this project – to highlight some of Phife’s best work.

I honestly had been meaning to put together a ATCQ tribute set a while back but I never got around to doing it until now. So when they announced a new album coming I jumped at the chance to create something super special, strictly for the fans and lovers of Tribe. This project is a mix of old and new, as well as to heighten the release of the new album. Hopefully it serves and finds you well.”

Stream Beats, Rhymes & Phife below.

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1. The Final Show Intro w/ Mos Def
2. R.A.M.P. – Daylight (‘Bonita Applebum’ Sample)
3. Bonita Applebum
4. Isley Brothers – Between The Sheets (‘Bonita Applebum Hoodie Mix’ Sample)
5. Bonita Applebum (Hootie Mix)
6. Keep It Rollin’
7. Butter (Instrumental)
8. Da Booty
9. Vibes And Stuff
10. Jazz (We’ve Got)
11. Clap Your Hands
12. Crew
13. Common Ground (Get It Goin’ On)
14. 1nce Again
15. The Chase, Pt. 2
16. Towa Tei – Dubnova
17. Find A Way
18. Motivators
19. Midnight (Instrumental)
20. Stressed Out ft. Faith Evans & Saadiq (Raphael Saadiq Remix)
21. We Can Get Down (Instrumental)
22. Push It Along
23. Oh My God
24. Phony Rappers
25. Like It Like That
26. God Lives Through
27. Can I Kick It? (J. Cole Remix)
28. Buggin’ Out
29. Steve Biko (Stir It Up) [instrumental]
30. Get A Hold
31. The Hop
32. Award Tour
33. Electric Relaxation
34. If The Papes Come (Remix)
35. Excursions
36. Mind Power
37. Separate/Together
38. Check The Rhime
39. Lyrics To Go
40. Sky Pager
41. Funky (‘I Left My Wallet In El Segundo’ Sample)
42. I Left My Wallet In El Segundo
43. Footprints
44. De La Soul – Buddy (Native Tongue Decision)
45. Scenario (Instrumental)
46. Luck Of Lucien
47. Paul Humphries – Uncle Willie’s Dream (‘What’ Sample)
48. What
49. Go Ahead In The Rain
50. The Final Show Outro