Ace Shocka’s “Like It’s Real (Redux)” strikes a beautiful, delicate balance (Premiere)

Like It's Real

Ace Shocka‘s “Like It’s Real (Redux)” is a buoyant, mellow track that gives listeners a distinct choice. You can choose to either float along and get lost in the vibe, or you can embrace every detail that sets it apart from the pack. It’s been over two years since Ace’s last release, and he chooses to move forward in a new way this time around.

The New York-based, multitalented creative first made his mark with his melodically driven, future wave-influenced brand of production. This time around, Ace steps up to the plate to deliver his singing debut on the self-produced track. His vocals are relatively subtle, and they easily mesh with his lush instrumentation and crisp percussion. Ace grew up studying jazz, classical piano, alternative rock, and more. His eclectic background can be felt throughout the song.

Ace explained: “I wanted this track to feel balanced. It’s equal parts neurotic and affectionate; shameful and proud. It contradicts itself and doesn’t have a clear dialogue, but to me, it feels real. It’s a good representation of how the full EP is going to feel.”

“Like It’s Real (Redux)” is the first single from his upcoming EP, for naomi, which is set to release on November 15th. Expect to hear a whirlwind of R&B, pop, and electronic influences throughout the six-track project.

Stream “Like It’s Real (Redux)” below.