Joe Trufant represents small town artists with big city dreams

Joe Trufant

Have you ever watched one of those movies based in a small town with this one popular guy whose dreams outweigh the acceptance of his neighbors? He has hopes of seeing a big city like New York. The lights are fascinating to him and inspire him to sing his way out of his hometown.

He falls in love and his girlfriend becomes his biggest supporter who one days forces him to choose between his aspiration and his relationship. He ends up at this fork in road and has to decide whether to go right or left.

Joe Trufant went left.

Born and raised in the small town of Brevard, North Carolina, true-to-self R&B singer Joe Trufant promises to use his country upbringing within his music, helping to paint a picture of his lifestyle. Growing up just two hours away from Atlanta, you can hear the trap-influence sound in his country-grammar-accented music. Joe labels himself as ‘New Age R&B’ and I damn sure agree. If you know me, you know I’m all about this new wave of artist who create the soundtrack of late night discussions with your shorty about Paid in Full while whispering the lyrics to Codeine Crazy in her ear with a breath full of Hennessy and lust.

When I first heard of Joe Trufant, I was surfing Soundcloud on very limited data, trying to create a fire playlist while dodging overage fees because I knew my girl was about to come over. The scent of Yankee Candle infiltrated the central AC system as I stumbled upon “Say No More,” the sample ridden, wave infested track that features the perfect lyrics to text your girl when asking her to come over any time after 2 A.M. I was instantly hooked and started doing more research. I also sent that 2:15 A.M. text.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much more music at that time so I followed him and kept an eye out for new music. I had to consistently check the SoundCloud app because I turned my notifications off to save some data. Then, it happened. He uploaded the Fall Through EP and I was here for every second of it.


Recorded during the winter in Brevard County, with the help of producer friends Jalen Wilkes and Trey Keysor, Mr. Trufant captures so much sensuality in the five song EP. I was able to get in contact with Joe and ask him a few questions. The one answer that stuck out the most to me was when I asked about the inspiration behind the Fall Through EP, and how its sound is very similar to this new wave of artists who incorporate trap music with the smooth sound of R&B. Joe explained:

“I like singing smooth on joints when fall and winter comes around, you know it’s that season. I’ve always rocked with trap music though, this is the south bro. That was my first love so as much as I can mix that in I will.”

After recently signing with Ope Odumakin for management, Joe is ready to take his next steps in the very near future. Joe Trufant’s first visual effort “Party Talk” is scheduled to premiere on Noisey on October 11th, so if you’ve received your masters in fire text embodied with tweet-able lyrics and have a clean edge up, make sure you go check out Joe Trufant, the new face of R&B.