Swag Surfin Unity

Swag Surfin Unity: 8 Years and Counting

I come here before you today, on the Internet, to talk about a timeless record. “Swag Surfin’,” by Fast Life Yungstaz, or F.L.Y. for short. “Swag Surfin’” came out in 2008, year of our Lord.

This song, excuse me–this anthem came to us at a time when dances associated with songs was an extremely hot concept. A couple years earlier, Soulja Boy gave us “Crank Dat” with a whole 8-count to go with it. Dem Franchise Boyz gave us “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It.” Young Dro gave us a little something with “Shoulder Lean.” There was The Dougie, The Stanky Legg, The Chicken Noodle Soup. The list goes on. I’m not necessarily saying these dances started at this point in time, but that’s when they became known to many of us who live outside of the areas they originated in.

But back to “Swag Surfin.” How many times have you been at a sporting event, party, club, hell -anywhere really, and as soon as you heard those infamous horns, you got in formation and swag surfed? Picture this: you’re at the function, a song you aren’t really feeling is on, so you go to the bar and grab a drink. All of a sudden, you hear those familiar horns. Forget the drink (for now), you make your way to the dance floor, and link arms with complete and total strangers. In that moment, they aren’t strangers, they’re your brothers and sisters in swag surfing, your comrades. The DJ is on the mic calling out, “left…right” to get everyone swaying the same way in unison. Then the beat drops. You know what happens next, because you’ve been in this situation before, or at least one very similar.

I think songs like “Swag Surfin” bring out the best in us. They bring us together and provide us with a sense of unity.

All that drama gets put down for those few minutes the song is on, and everyone is linked, arm in arm, swaying to the beat. It’s always fun watching someone put their own spin on dances like these two. A circle forms around a person, and different people take turns showing off their moves in the middle. Phones come out, because nowadays, it didn’t happen if it’s not on someone’s snapchat. Not only do songs like this provide a sense of unity, but now they also come with a sense of nostalgia. I was 15 when “Swag Surfin” came out. That was a pivotal moment in my life.

Times like this make me feel carefree and proud to be part of such a vibrant and fun culture. I wouldn’t trade it for any other – honestly, truly.

And one last thing–don’t ever be that person who stands still during a Swag Surf. They can’t be trusted.



  • Julian

    Last party I was at, they played this after a fight broke out and all the black folk unified. Forever iconic.