Jay IDK – ‘Empty Bank’ (Album Stream)

empty bank

Jay IDK drops his Empty Bank album full of gems from a well-need perspective. Instead of taking the typical route of over the top braggadocio and claims of financial clout, he tells a story revolving around the truth about money and it’s effects.

Premiering on Forbes, Jay speaks with Shawn Setaro to get a little more in depth about his background and album:

Setaro: A lot of artists rap about money, but very few go in-depth about what it means and the pressures associated with it. What inspired you to make an album entirely about money?

IDK: The truth and what I would see at the time when I was making it. I just started to see money in a different light. Growing up, I wouldn’t say I was poor. But my parents, although we lived in a nice, middle-class home, they had their struggles. There’s been times when there was no lights, there’s been times when there was no heat. We were running off of a generator for a while at one point. So money wasn’t ever something that I could just get anytime.

When I started doing music and my last project started to move, I started to do a lot more shows and I started to get a lot more offers for things. I realized how easy it was to make money. So when I started to see money come in, I realized that I was spending money on things I shouldn’t. People were beginning to look at me like I had more money than I actually had, and I even played into that sometimes. I always like to vent and tell the truth in my music. That’s why this happened. I was like, “This is what I’m going through, and people need to know.”

Listen to Empty Bank below and grab your copy on iTunes.