gucci snakes

Tyga signs with G.O.O.D Music & drops “Gucci Snakes” ft. Desiigner; what can artists learn from him?

Tyga acquires G.O.O.D. Music deal and drops “Gucci Snakes” with Desiigner.

Last night, Kanye West announced that Tyga was officially a new artist signed to GOOD Music’s roster at up pop up show in New York City (along with Migos).

In traditional Twitter fashion, instead of trying to learn something, users far and wide decided this was a great opportunity to slander someone in the spotlight who is arguably doing better than them.

Today, we get the audio of Tyga’s Desiigner-featuring new song, “Gucci Snakes”. I’m going to be clear, this is a basic track that with modern southern trap sonics…just like all the other ones the masses go crazy for all the time. It’s a sonic, cadence driven track with a catchy hook starring rappers bragging about their fashion, luxurious cars, women, and money . No surprise there.

I get it. Music fans love to hate someone. Tyga is an easy target because he can be labeled as socially corny. He is not the most lyrically inclined artist and his past (that we’re aware of) doesn’t paint him as hardcore or a gangsta rapper. However, somehow he and his team made it work in their favor. They turned “Coconut Juice” to “Rack City”, so there is something to be said about that transformation and progression.

Some people found this as an odd coupling with Tyga and Desiigner, but it’s really not. It only seems strange because this is the first time we’ve seen them working together. Think about it, though. All the necessary channels are in place for this track to happen. They are label mates now. This is a turn up track driven by the beat and Desiigner ad libs. Also, Desiigner is currently a hot hand at GOOD Music, so it makes sense to feature him on Tyga’s first at bat for the imprint. They are seeking to get him off on the right foot and honestly, as long as Tyga stays out of trouble beyond the music, he is going to be fine.

To all my artists and business people out there: Don’t be swept up in the momentous slander. What you need to do is study and research how these things happen. Take a look at what moves artists and their management make in order to be successful. Instead of getting Tyga jokes off that no one will remember, I suggest you ask yourself “What is Tyga doing in order to get him the opportunities he has?” and “What can I learn and apply in order to improve my situation and afford myself the opportunities that I desire?”

Think on these things and listen to “Gucci Snakes” below.