Hey. @camjamesraps doesn’t care about your feelings. #TheTwitterMixtape


Undoubtedly the hardest track on @TheMixCrew‘s #TheTwitterMixtape, A-Town resident Cam James (@camjamesraps) submitted “F.Y.F”, a song that proves has little regard for the people he may have had in mind over the course of the recording. Depth and emotion over a hard ass track tends to be a winner most times, and this song is no different. Learn more about the man below.

1. How did you hear about #TheTwitterMixtape?

I was just scrolling my timeline a few months ago, and @TheMixCrew popped up via Artistic Manifesto, advertising #TheTwitterMixtape. I was drawn in by the reputation Artistic Manifesto had already built for themselves as a dope blog site promoting indie hip hop, and after reading the description I was hype about the chance to be a part of it. It’s a fire idea.

2. What is the story behind the song you submitted?

“F.Y.F.” is some real-life pain, hidden behind a dope beat and light tone. Coming off of my debut album FreeFall in October, I was stuck in the same tone that project was centered on: describing heartbreak, relationship struggles, and dating issues within the lens of a fictional relationship. “F.Y.F.” is partially real life, so it feels real. The Cratez laced me with a crazy instrumental, man. This joint catches you from the first note.

3. Musically, what is your creative process like?

It all starts with the beat for me. Occasionally, an idea comes and I find a beat to fit with the vision, but it’s unbelievable what a beat can put in your brain on first listen. From there, I establish the flow and mumble-rap until words start to emerge based on what I’m feelin’ from the instrumental. Write, record, repeat until that hoe is perfect.

When it comes to a project like FreeFall, which is a story all the way through, it becomes more complicated as far as writing and setting up each track. Worth the headaches though. I write best at work… don’t snitch on me doe.

4. Are there any artists you admire and respect that you draw influence from?

I admire and respect plenty of artists, but there’s a chosen few that actually influenced my desire to get in the game, and to write records the way I do. Gotta go with Nas and OutKast as my main inspirations, and both were for different reasons. Nas put the desire in me to never write a wack verse, no matter what. He’s the greatest ever in my eyes, as far as pen game goes. OutKast taught me to make sure I’m moving to a place where nobody else can create what you create. Their creativity is ridiculous, just listening to my favorite ‘Kast joints has me thinkin’ wayyy outside the box bruh. Be yourself, and make sure people know who YOU are after listening to your tracks.

5. Aside from music, are there other ways you express creativity?

Yessir, I write for a blog… we kinda sloppy with punctuality, but we’re supposed to post something every Wednesday. It’s called Any Given Hump Day. Outside of that, I sporadically perform spoken word joints, since that’s how I started out. Any way I can get my thoughts out, I do that.

6. What can we expect from you in the future?

My next project leviTAPE is due out in August, and picks up where I left off with FreeFall thematically, just with less structure. Got a dope mix of powerful relationship joints, songs about life and progress. Atlanta bounce meets the foundation Orlando made. I’m playing A3C Festival in October, and you can catch my other shows on my site. My indie label Trackoholic Music Group has some big things poppin’ in the near future as well, watch out for that.

7. Where can new fans learn more about you and your art?

Y’all can find info on shows, new music and fan exclusives at www.camjamesmusic.com. Sign up for the list to get everything first, and make sure you follow the wave at @camjamesraps (Twitter/IG/Snap). I’m also on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, etc. Let’s link, lookin’ forward to gettin’ to know y’all.

You can stream @TheMixCrew’s #TheTwitterMixtape: A Spring Experiment on Apple Music and Spotify. You can download the project for free on TheTwitterMixtape.bandcamp.com. Thank you for supporting indie artists!


Listen to “F.Y.F” here: