The Neo Age Live Showcase highlights D.C.-based talent on August 18

Neo Age Live

There’s a cultural shift happening within the music world. This shift is refocusing on centering the music and culture, as opposed to leaning heavily on the music industry.

It’s not that the industry is bad, but the often distracting business elements of the music industry take away from the art. This shift requires a focal change within artists, as well as an evolution in the ways we consume music. The Neo Age Live Showcase, based in Washington D.C., has stepped up to the call for the latter fearlessly.

The Neo Age Live Showcase is a carefully curated showcase combining emerging neo-soul and R&B artists from the local scene with notable, nationally acclaimed artists. The historicity of the Howard Theatre serves as the perfect venue to provide the heartbeat of the showcase. With local partners such as 93.9 WKYS and House Studios, Neo Age Live aims to be more than just a wave, but a historical and cultural landmark in the re-emerging D.C. music scene.

The upcoming showcase Thursday August 18th at the Howard Theatre will feature incredible talent including such as V. Bozeman of Epic Records andFox TV’s Empire, Avery Wilson of RCA Records, TSoul, Kondwani Fidel, and Reesa Renee as host.

The showcase’s founder, Zeplyn Tillman, has a lot to say about his third rendition of the showcase. Among these growth areas are bigger artists, local radio involvement, and a commendable philanthropic aspect where a free keyboard will be provided to a talented D.C. student through the showcase’s “Follow Your Dreams” Campaign.

Zeplyn also notes the purposeful effort to showcase local talent as a distinction of Neo Age Live. He states, “you’re not just coming to see headlining artists with other smaller artists as warming acts; It’s a careful curation.” When asked about the legacy he wants the showcase to have, Tilman states confidently, “I want Neo Age Live to be a leader in re-establishing the D.C. music scene at a nationally recognized platform. We deserve to be there.”

You can buy tickets for this Thursday’s showcase at Ticketmaster. The show will begin at 7pm at Howard Theatre.

Neo Age Live