AJMW seeks unity in “These Times” (Premiere)

AJMW - "These Times" (Premiere)

AJMW’s “These Times” is a shimmering, sonically explorative track that serves as a foundational piece of his Unity project.

Creating a piece of work that runs from beginning to end smoothly isn’t an easy task to accomplish, but that’s something that AJMW, also known as Ashley Warden, had in mind when shaping his latest release, Unity.

Wanting to express himself through the music and expound upon the impressions his influences have left on him cohesively, the British producer has blurred the lines to make Unity, his third full-length album, his most unique yet. Inspired by classic neo-soul, jazz and funk acts as well as modern UK artists that share those influences like Henry Wu and Archy Marshall aka King Krule, the project remains rooted in Hip-Hop rhythms, but draws from those other genres for a refreshing blend that similarly suits any mood or time of day. Unity marks his first physical release and debut on Blvnt Records, a label that remains challenging preconceptions with the diversity and quality of its releases.

Artistic Manifesto is proud to premiere “These Times,” the third single from Unity, a stirring cut that captures the project as a whole. Starting off slowly, the song features guitar licks and chords that are soon shaped by the smooth drum beats and fat bass that kick in. Each element is given it’s own space within the track to breathe and be appreciated separately, making the moments of unison sound even sweeter.