It’s clear that @haasanbarclay is the most eclectic artist on #TheTwitterMixtape

haasan barclay

A personal favorite, and one of the first songs accepted for the final tracklisting is @HaasanBarclay‘s Get You, Right?” Barclay has a knack for catchy melodies, strong hooks, and lyrics that may require several listens. Trust us; it’s a good thing. Get to know more about the Boston native below.

How did you hear about #TheTwitterMixtape?

I had seen the #TheTwitterMixtape hashtag on twitter but didn’t know too much about it. Excited to be featured on it!

What is the story behind the song you submitted?

“Get You, Right?” is a song I wrote on a rainy drive through the outskirts of Texas. I was feeling a sense of longing for people back home and channeled that into the lyrics of this song. I was also on the road with Michael Christmas during Logic‘s Under Pressure Tour at the time, so it brings me back to a great time.

Musically, what is your creative process like?

My creative process is fluid and changing; I can create a song from a guitar riff i’m playing or the way the wind passes through my room at night.

Are there any artists you admire and respect that you draw influence from?

I’ve been listening to Incubus and Nine Inch Nails since I started playing guitar around 12-13 years old. Toro Y Moi is a huge influence on me, Anderson .Paak is killing it right now. I also try to emulate Mike Patton.

Aside from music, are there other ways you express creativity?

I love Art; I’m a photographer and illustrator. I went to MassArt for one semester and only left to tour with Christmas. I love the idea of making statements in different forms and mediums. They can connect with people in ways we sometimes can’t even predict.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Expect more bending of genres. I really want to push the ears of the people who enjoy my music. I look at what I’m doing as musical anthropology. Meaning, I try to take the best of everything I love and put it together. Expect familiar sounds in a new light.

Where can new fans learn more about you and your art?

You can follow me/hit me up on Twitter, Soundcloud, Snapchat and Instagram @haasanbarclay and my Facebook page:

You can stream @TheMixCrew‘s #TheTwitterMixtape: A Spring Experiment on Apple Music and Spotify. You can download the project for free on Thank you for supporting indie artists!

Check out “Get You, Right?” here: